Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last minute preparations

Well, if anyone knows me, they know I am a great procrastinator! Nothing new for this trip either, but this time I got hit with a severe sore throat, and sinus infection, and was laid  up in bed for 2 days! Not good when I have so much to do! But I think I'll be able to pull it all together to catch my flight this Saturday! Last minute preparations have been compounded by the requests of professional (doctors and educators) for specific training in Ternopil. And of course I want to accomadate them all. So here all the trips plans as of last night. I will be meeting Team 1 at JFK around 1:00 on Saturday for our departure at 7:00 (not sure why we are meeting so early). Once arriving in Ukraine, via russia, we will rtavel to Vorzel and work with the children that Monday. That night we board a train for a 9 hour ride to Ternopil where we will spend a few days training presenting seminars, and conducting evals on the childre of the families who have pulled together to provide services for their children. We will also be delivering about 10 pieces of therapeutic equipment for specific children in the region. Last summer, I presented a seminar there on my own, and was warmly welcomed, so I feel like I am going to visit good friends as well!! From there we will head to Syndactyn, a level 5 orphanage which has had no humanitarian aideas of yet and we will assess their need for future help. We will then head back to Kiev, and Vorzel where we will build a playground and train staff. I am looking forward to delivering photos of the children who are living 'happily ever after' with their forever family. Some 'Vorzel' parents have sent me photo books, others sent pictures and albums to share with favorite careworkers and the doctors.  This is so rewarding for the staff to see how 'their' children faired!Thank you to the parents who have either sent me the pics or are allowing me to share! We will meet up with Team 2 when they arrive and take a day trip to Znamenka, Rominiv and Beriska.I have 85 baseball caps that say GOD ROCKS which people have sponsored for $5.00 each for the boys there. I also have pulled together some teaching activities and have made picture/name cards for approximately 50 of the boys. It's about time these boys learn to recognize their picture and their name!! I can't wait to share with the teacher how to use the cards. Everyone needs to identify a sense of self and what better way then to recognize your picture and yourwritten name!! I also have 3 helmets for the self abusive boys! For Znamenka, I have beads and embroider floss to deliver for specific children.I And for all the orphanages I have rattles, crib toys, markers, crayons, balls,and  bubbles and more.!
One of the other  exciting things I will do on this Mission trip is to deliver 300 Rosary Beads to Ternopil where there have been apparitions of our Mother Mary. A few years ago the government destroyed the shrine so I  feeled blessed to be able to deliver the Rosaries!!
On August 3-4, I will be presenting at the 2nd Annual Conference on the Needs of Children with Disabilities in Kiev!! Over 40 people have signed up for an individual session with me regarding their child. I was shocked and so pleased to hear this. I don't want to disappoint anyone, so I will try to accomadate as many as I could by 'clustering' the grouo into categories and will have two Cota's to assist me.
So I am asking for your prayers, that I am able to beat this sinus infection that has interfered with my last minute preparations. I am still short on funds, so I need your prayers for that as well.

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