Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our team traveled to Znamenka to visit with the orphanages and provide our support. The train ride is a 4 hour ride from Kiev in vibrant colored cars. The orphanage is not too far the train station and the Director sent a van for us. However, we strolled through the town on the way back to the station. I thought I would put together a Montage of the walk, showing the town buildings. It's my first time using the Windows video maker and I had some trouble inserting Captions and adding music. But for all of you who are traveling to Znamenka either to adopt your child, or to work with the orphans, here it is!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

                               The Children of Znamenka

Our Team under the direction of Pastor Sasha Skripak from Almaz Church, has been visiting and supporting the orphans in Znamenka. These children have benefitted from the Director, Tatiana Valko's dedication  to enhancing the quality of their life while living in an orphanage for the 'disabled'. The children  now receive therapies and education and no longer live in a dark, unstimulating environment. She is making the best with what is available  from the Government and has advocated for the children and works with International Mission groups to benefit the children. You can help us help them and other orphans who are in orhanages that need support to change as well!!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some random Pics from Znamenka

                                           Posing with Tatiana Valko, the Director
                           This sweetie has been etched in my heart! She needs a Family!
                                      Our team posing with some of the little  ones!
                     Presenting donated Happy Meal Toys for the children!! Enough for everybody!
                                             Couldn't get or give  enough hugs and kisses!
 This young man makes beaded flowers and I hope to provide hin with more beads!
 CHecking out a piece of equipment we don't have in the US. It bothers me that the equipment doen't look really used!

 Ths children love looking at their pictures. I will be printing out all my pictures so they can have them hanging by their beds. Validates their identity!

                                                        Too cute for words!
                                      Olya Skripak with a young man who wanted to pose with the pretty one!!!
                           Now I ask myself "What is this child doing in this orphanage???"