Friday, April 27, 2012

A Prayer for Our Special Children

Let's say this pray for our children with special needs and for all the orphans and children with special needs throughout the world!

A Prayer for Our Special Children

(Jan Bentham, OCSB)

Lord of all kindness, we ask your blessing for the children in our care who have such special needs.

We ask for their comfort when their living is hard.

May they experience joy if they ever feel abandoned.

May they be blessed with strength to overcome challenges.

May they be blessed with friendship to allow them to grow in love.

Lord, we pray for all of our children, that they may realize their dreams and live their lives in the fullness of your love and mercy.

May the healing touch of mercy be there for our children.

Let our hands be your hands, our words be your words and let your mercy flow through all of us who have your children in our care.

We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What does it cost to go on such a trip as we have planned? Here is a breakdown on the estimated costs of our trip this summer!!! Can you please help??We can't do this alone!!!Will you please consider doing a fund raiser for us??? All donations are tax deductible!!!

Saturday, July 21 – leave US for Ukraine   Airfare -- $1000 to $1400
Sunday, July 22 – arrive in Kyiv, check in   Pick-up at airport, travel to Vorzel,
at Spa or Sanatorium at Vorzel as base for   breakfast, lodging, local transporta-
first ten days of orphanage work    tion, translators, donation to Almaz
for projects at orphanages -- $1080
Monday, July 23 – train to Snyatyn    Train ticket - $60, food and lodging
Tuesday, July 24 – work at Snyatyn    $60, $50 orphanage donation = $170
Wednesday, July 25 – bus to Ternopil    Bus ticket -- $30, food and lodging, Wednesday, July 25 and Thursday, July 26 --   $60, $50 Center donation = $140
work at Therapy Center, train back to Vorzel   Train ticket -- $50
Friday, July 27 – meet Team Two at airport,   Travel to and from airport -- $50
return to Vorzel for work with orphans
Saturday, July 28 – work with orphans and build
playground set at Vorzel
Sunday, July 29 – go to Almaz church, sightseeing  Travel to and from Kyiv -- $50,
in Kyiv       souvenirs and miscellaneous -- $50
Monday, July 30 – day trip to Znamenka  Travel to train station and back $50 Train $40, food $20, donation $50
for a total of $160
Tuesday, July 31 – work with orphans at Vorzel
Wednesday, August 1 – meet Team Three at   Trip into Kyiv -- $20, Housing $30 airport, move into Kyiv for 4 nights, prepare   per night based on triple occupancy
for Conference      x 4 = $120, food $30 per day x 4 =
Thursday, August 2 through Saturday, August 4 --  $120, local transportation = $30 per prepare for Conference and present at Conference  day x 4 = $120, translator $30 plus
$30 for extra translator at Conference = $60, Conference Donation $400
Thursday, August 2 – day trip to Romanov  Travel cost $40, food, $30, donation $50, for a total of $120
Sunday, August 5 – fly back to US    Airport transportation -- $30
Miscellaneous and souvenirs -- $200

Weighing in at 14 pounds, little Faith has a family!!

Please go to this blog to help support little Faith's family by entering a contest to win lots of great stuff and bring little Faith home while there is still time!!!

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