Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Mission

I don't know where to begin to share all the wonderful, amazing things that happened on this trip. I'd like to apologize for not blogging sooner, but i had some 'not so good' things going on at home once I returned.

I know that God had a plan for me and I was reminded of that this trip. I'm not so sure if His plan for me has been fulfilled or just beginning. Four years ago He sent a clear message of me that He wanted me to come back and train His people in how to care and educate His special children and that is happening!!! I first went to Ukraine to help a friend and her husband bring back the children with Down Syndrome that they were adopting. While at the orphanage in Vorzel, I was curious about the children in one of the Groupa Houses who were the weakest and were NOT listed for adoption. Through 2 young men who were working on the grounds of the building through their Church, Almaz, I was told of a child in that Groupa who had si fingers and toes. Well, my daughter Jillian was born with six fingers on boths hands, and I was curious. I was introduced to their Pastor, Sasha Skripak who brought me in to meet the child. Well, little Volva did not have the same type of polydactal that Jillian had. But while holding that child, Pastor Sasha asked if I knew 'how to work with these types of children'. When I explained that I was an Early Intervention Teacher, he asked if I could come back and train his people. They had been praying that day at his church for someone to come help them work with the children. Well, right there, in that very spot, He made it clear to me that this is why He put me in special education, why my life took the course it had, and why He gave me Jillian and that I had to come back and train His people!!

That week I met with Sasha's wife Olya and a few other woman from the Church  and shared with them  strategies to enhance the children's development nd skills and vowed to be back to train .

Once home, I prayed for direction and searched the web. It is there where I found Karen Feathers, who directed me to Dave and Jane Daulton who had adopted from Vorzel. The Daultons'  joined Almaz's one week Mission Trip at Vorzel and brought some equipment. I showed up the following week and fitted the equipment to the children showing staff how to use it along with more equipment which I brought. And out of that we all started talking about holding a conference. That conference came about in January 2011 when I joined Dave, Jane and two friends of theirs, Dr. Cynthia Normandia, an Occupational Therapist and Dr. R. a psychiatrist and together we presented the FIrst Annual Conference on the Needs Of Children with Disabilities in Kiev!!

Okay, back to how I know that this is God's plan for me. This year once again we return, but this time with a team of 14 to present the 2nd Annual Conference. Before the conferencce we traveled to Ternopil and presented at the Eastern Children's regional Hospital, the Bebi and Ko Center and visited an orphanage in Syndactyn,. Well, who is one of the first children I see there: little Volvo from Vorzel!! It was the confirmation that I have no doubt that God had plans for me all along and that He is capable of doing amazing things. Imagine, the little guy I meet in Vorzel, whom I held as I received and accepted a calling from God, to be there 15 hours away, clear across Ukraine in another orphanage! When I held him, and wept in joy, he looked at me and said "Mama?"

No, God's plan for me is not to adopt. We'll have to find a family for him. God's plan for me is to bring Early Intervention Services and Supports and it's happening!!! We had representatives from thier ministry of education, from hospitals, from schools and families at our conference. we presented trainings on behavior management, sendory integration, speech development, physical developent, early intervetnion programming, parenting and more. Our keynote speaker was a young woman with Down Syndrome herself, who talked about the quality of her life. We opened eyes, and changed attitudes!! Things and people are changing in Ukraine for sure. Ukraine is fortunate in that they have us (America) to learn from. And hopefully what took the USA 50 years to reach, as far as attitudes, education, and opportunities for the our special children and the disabled will not take Ukraine that long at all!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last minute preparations

Well, if anyone knows me, they know I am a great procrastinator! Nothing new for this trip either, but this time I got hit with a severe sore throat, and sinus infection, and was laid  up in bed for 2 days! Not good when I have so much to do! But I think I'll be able to pull it all together to catch my flight this Saturday! Last minute preparations have been compounded by the requests of professional (doctors and educators) for specific training in Ternopil. And of course I want to accomadate them all. So here all the trips plans as of last night. I will be meeting Team 1 at JFK around 1:00 on Saturday for our departure at 7:00 (not sure why we are meeting so early). Once arriving in Ukraine, via russia, we will rtavel to Vorzel and work with the children that Monday. That night we board a train for a 9 hour ride to Ternopil where we will spend a few days training presenting seminars, and conducting evals on the childre of the families who have pulled together to provide services for their children. We will also be delivering about 10 pieces of therapeutic equipment for specific children in the region. Last summer, I presented a seminar there on my own, and was warmly welcomed, so I feel like I am going to visit good friends as well!! From there we will head to Syndactyn, a level 5 orphanage which has had no humanitarian aideas of yet and we will assess their need for future help. We will then head back to Kiev, and Vorzel where we will build a playground and train staff. I am looking forward to delivering photos of the children who are living 'happily ever after' with their forever family. Some 'Vorzel' parents have sent me photo books, others sent pictures and albums to share with favorite careworkers and the doctors.  This is so rewarding for the staff to see how 'their' children faired!Thank you to the parents who have either sent me the pics or are allowing me to share! We will meet up with Team 2 when they arrive and take a day trip to Znamenka, Rominiv and Beriska.I have 85 baseball caps that say GOD ROCKS which people have sponsored for $5.00 each for the boys there. I also have pulled together some teaching activities and have made picture/name cards for approximately 50 of the boys. It's about time these boys learn to recognize their picture and their name!! I can't wait to share with the teacher how to use the cards. Everyone needs to identify a sense of self and what better way then to recognize your picture and yourwritten name!! I also have 3 helmets for the self abusive boys! For Znamenka, I have beads and embroider floss to deliver for specific children.I And for all the orphanages I have rattles, crib toys, markers, crayons, balls,and  bubbles and more.!
One of the other  exciting things I will do on this Mission trip is to deliver 300 Rosary Beads to Ternopil where there have been apparitions of our Mother Mary. A few years ago the government destroyed the shrine so I  feeled blessed to be able to deliver the Rosaries!!
On August 3-4, I will be presenting at the 2nd Annual Conference on the Needs of Children with Disabilities in Kiev!! Over 40 people have signed up for an individual session with me regarding their child. I was shocked and so pleased to hear this. I don't want to disappoint anyone, so I will try to accomadate as many as I could by 'clustering' the grouo into categories and will have two Cota's to assist me.
So I am asking for your prayers, that I am able to beat this sinus infection that has interfered with my last minute preparations. I am still short on funds, so I need your prayers for that as well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ukrainian Fairy House Raffle

This is a one of a kind Ukrainian Fairy House donated by Once Upon a Fairy to be raffled off to raise money to support the orphans with special needs in Ukraine. It is made of 85% recycled materials and is durable enough for playing!! Raffle tickets are $10.00 each, 3 for $25.00 and can be sent to A Father's Heart, Inc. (Fairy House Raffle) 3803 Poplar Hill Road, Suite D, Chesapeake, VA. 23321 or use the CHip In on this page to the right and stipulate "Raffle TIcket"!

Don't you want to own this as a reminder of your child's birthplace?

Made from 85% recycled materials and DURABLE! A child can play with it!!
Look whose visiting!!!

The detail is amazing!!!
Don't loose out on the chance to win this one of a kind unique custom made FAIRY HOUSE!
HURRY HURRY RAFFLE ENDS July 15, 2012!!! All profits will go to help those orphans left behind in Ukrainian orphanges with special needs. Many are not able to be adopted!! Help us improve the quality of their life...and take a chance on this GORGEOUS KEEPSAKE!!!

Please share this post with friends!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beauty from the Ashes...: A map of orphanhood in Ukraine

This will help explain the number of children who are orphans in Ukraine! Children were meant to have parents! Beauty from the Ashes...: A map of orphanhood in Ukraine: This map of orphanhood in Ukraine was put together by friends with the Alliance: Ukraine without Orphans.  I was asked to help edit the ...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our team traveled to Znamenka to visit with the orphanages and provide our support. The train ride is a 4 hour ride from Kiev in vibrant colored cars. The orphanage is not too far the train station and the Director sent a van for us. However, we strolled through the town on the way back to the station. I thought I would put together a Montage of the walk, showing the town buildings. It's my first time using the Windows video maker and I had some trouble inserting Captions and adding music. But for all of you who are traveling to Znamenka either to adopt your child, or to work with the orphans, here it is!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

                               The Children of Znamenka

Our Team under the direction of Pastor Sasha Skripak from Almaz Church, has been visiting and supporting the orphans in Znamenka. These children have benefitted from the Director, Tatiana Valko's dedication  to enhancing the quality of their life while living in an orphanage for the 'disabled'. The children  now receive therapies and education and no longer live in a dark, unstimulating environment. She is making the best with what is available  from the Government and has advocated for the children and works with International Mission groups to benefit the children. You can help us help them and other orphans who are in orhanages that need support to change as well!!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some random Pics from Znamenka

                                           Posing with Tatiana Valko, the Director
                           This sweetie has been etched in my heart! She needs a Family!
                                      Our team posing with some of the little  ones!
                     Presenting donated Happy Meal Toys for the children!! Enough for everybody!
                                             Couldn't get or give  enough hugs and kisses!
 This young man makes beaded flowers and I hope to provide hin with more beads!
 CHecking out a piece of equipment we don't have in the US. It bothers me that the equipment doen't look really used!

 Ths children love looking at their pictures. I will be printing out all my pictures so they can have them hanging by their beds. Validates their identity!

                                                        Too cute for words!
                                      Olya Skripak with a young man who wanted to pose with the pretty one!!!
                           Now I ask myself "What is this child doing in this orphanage???"

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Prayer for Our Special Children

Let's say this pray for our children with special needs and for all the orphans and children with special needs throughout the world!

A Prayer for Our Special Children

(Jan Bentham, OCSB)

Lord of all kindness, we ask your blessing for the children in our care who have such special needs.

We ask for their comfort when their living is hard.

May they experience joy if they ever feel abandoned.

May they be blessed with strength to overcome challenges.

May they be blessed with friendship to allow them to grow in love.

Lord, we pray for all of our children, that they may realize their dreams and live their lives in the fullness of your love and mercy.

May the healing touch of mercy be there for our children.

Let our hands be your hands, our words be your words and let your mercy flow through all of us who have your children in our care.

We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What does it cost to go on such a trip as we have planned? Here is a breakdown on the estimated costs of our trip this summer!!! Can you please help??We can't do this alone!!!Will you please consider doing a fund raiser for us??? All donations are tax deductible!!!

Saturday, July 21 – leave US for Ukraine   Airfare -- $1000 to $1400
Sunday, July 22 – arrive in Kyiv, check in   Pick-up at airport, travel to Vorzel,
at Spa or Sanatorium at Vorzel as base for   breakfast, lodging, local transporta-
first ten days of orphanage work    tion, translators, donation to Almaz
for projects at orphanages -- $1080
Monday, July 23 – train to Snyatyn    Train ticket - $60, food and lodging
Tuesday, July 24 – work at Snyatyn    $60, $50 orphanage donation = $170
Wednesday, July 25 – bus to Ternopil    Bus ticket -- $30, food and lodging, Wednesday, July 25 and Thursday, July 26 --   $60, $50 Center donation = $140
work at Therapy Center, train back to Vorzel   Train ticket -- $50
Friday, July 27 – meet Team Two at airport,   Travel to and from airport -- $50
return to Vorzel for work with orphans
Saturday, July 28 – work with orphans and build
playground set at Vorzel
Sunday, July 29 – go to Almaz church, sightseeing  Travel to and from Kyiv -- $50,
in Kyiv       souvenirs and miscellaneous -- $50
Monday, July 30 – day trip to Znamenka  Travel to train station and back $50 Train $40, food $20, donation $50
for a total of $160
Tuesday, July 31 – work with orphans at Vorzel
Wednesday, August 1 – meet Team Three at   Trip into Kyiv -- $20, Housing $30 airport, move into Kyiv for 4 nights, prepare   per night based on triple occupancy
for Conference      x 4 = $120, food $30 per day x 4 =
Thursday, August 2 through Saturday, August 4 --  $120, local transportation = $30 per prepare for Conference and present at Conference  day x 4 = $120, translator $30 plus
$30 for extra translator at Conference = $60, Conference Donation $400
Thursday, August 2 – day trip to Romanov  Travel cost $40, food, $30, donation $50, for a total of $120
Sunday, August 5 – fly back to US    Airport transportation -- $30
Miscellaneous and souvenirs -- $200

Weighing in at 14 pounds, little Faith has a family!!

Please go to this blog to help support little Faith's family by entering a contest to win lots of great stuff and bring little Faith home while there is still time!!!

No Greater Joy Mom: because this life matters!:   I have sat typing and deleting this post for hours.  Sometimes the right words, those which adequately express what is in our hearts, ...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Please join our effort to train families, professionals and caregivers in the Ukraine!

I am looking for people to help me with raising funds for this summer's Mission Trip. I have joined forces with  A Father's Heart, Inc., a 501(c)3 foundation and Almaz Church, Kiev,  to bring a team of professionals to the Ukraine to present a conference on Individuals with Disabilities for families, professionals and caregivers and minister to the orphans at Vorzel, Rominiv and Znamenka. We plan to clean teeth, build a playground, distribute equipment and train staff at all three facilities along with supporting Mission to Ukraine and Pastor Vlad's Special Needs Center in Ternopil. We presented the first Annual Conference last January and it was so well received. Some families and professionals traveled over nine hours by train to attend it. We helped provide lodging and food for the families as well. Our fees include the salary for translators, conference hall rental, and cost for hand outs and materials. Without your support, it will be hard to do!
I am asking that you commit to selling 10 pieces of the puzzle below for $10.00 each. All donations will be tax deductible and this campaign hopes to raise $10,000 to cover our expenses. If you choose to help you will be provided with a funding raising packet which you could download and distribute. Please share this posting on your blog and ask others to share it as well. Or use Chipin. Pieces cost $10 each and your name will be added to the back of one piece.   All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from Father's Heart for your contribution!      

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Please join us for an amazing ministry trip in the Ukraine this summer!

 Friday, July 20, 2012 – Depart for Kyiv, Ukraine on overnight flight from New York
 Saturday, July 21 – Arrive in Kyiv, pass through customs and go to housing at Spa
Hotel in Vorzel.  Meet with Pastor and staff from Almaz Church.  Make some new
friends, become a bit familiar with Ukraine’s language and culture, get some rest, and
prepare for adventure!
 Sunday, July 22nd
– Attend church service at Almaz Church, sight see in Kyi
 Monday, July 23rd
to Wednesday, July 25th
– Work with the children at the “Baby House”
orphanage in Vorzel.  Here we will visit with younger children, from age 1 to 5.  Some of
them have special needs, but many do not, other than being orphans.  We will deliver
wheelchairs and other therapy equipment and demonstrate their use.  We will also
perform dental cleaning, fluoride and sealant treatments for the children, and get to play
with them and enjoy their love.  We also plan on building a playground and doing some
other work at this orphanage, and will stay here for about 3 days, with one day (probably
Monday, July 23rd
) set aside for a “day trip” to visit a Level Four orphanage. (See below.)
 Monday, July  23rd
– This is probably the day we will travel to Znamenka to visit the
Level Four orphanage there.  It is about 4 hours by train, and we will be back in Vorzel
later the same night.  Here we will also deliver wheelchairs and other therapy equipment
and demonstrate their use.  We will again perform dental cleaning, fluoride and sealant
treatments for the children, and get to observe and play with some of the children
Thursday, July 26th
to Friday, July 27th
– Travel to visit Friends of Ukraine Ministry on
Thursday and work with the older boys with disabilities at the Romaniv orphanage.  This
is an orphanage just a couple of hours west of Kyiv by van.  We would go over in the
morning, meet up with Oksana and other staff from Friends of Ukraine, then travel with
them to the orphanage where we can work with the children and deliver and demonstrate
the use of some of the therapy equipment, returning to Vorzel that same evening.   We
will have one more day Friday to work with the orphans at Vorzel.
 Saturday July 28th
through Monday, July  30th
– Travel to  a Level Four orphanage in
Snyatyn, a  village in Southwestern Ukraine.  It will be an all day van or train ride on
Saturday. We will visit with orphans with special needs, bring wheelchairs and other
therapy equipment to donate and demonstrate how to use with the children, and perform
dental cleanings, fluoride and sealant treatments on them.  Then we will leave on
Tuesday and head back towards Kyiv by way of Ternopil.
 Tuesday, July 31st
– Return from Snyatyn to Kyiv by way of Ternopil in  North Western
Ukraine, visit Pastor Vlad and his wife, help with his church setting up therapy clinic, visit
with orphans and other children with special needs, bring wheelchairs and  other therapy
equipment to donate and demonstrate how to use with the children, perform dental cleanings,
fluoride and sealant treatments on the orphans and other children.

 When we return to Kyiv, those of the team who are just staying for the mission trip with the
orphanages would stay overnight and leave back to the US Wednesday morning.  Those of us
staying on for the Conference would meet up with the rest of the team members, and we
would all check into guest flats for the week in Kyiv.
 Wednesday, August 1st
through Thursday, August 2nd
– Prepare for Conference
 Friday, August 3rd
through Saturday, August 4th
– Present at Conference
 Sunday, August 5th
– go to Almaz Church, sight see once more, farewell dinner
 Monday, August 6th
– return to USA

Looking for Presenters! Please share your expertise with professionals and families in the Ukraine!




Tuesday, July 31, 2012 – depart for Ukraine

 Wednesday, August 1, 2012 – arrive in Kyiv, pass through customs and go to housing at pre-arranged flats in Kyiv. Meet with Pastor and staff from Almaz Church. Make some new friends, become a bit familiar with Ukraine’s language and culture, get some rest, and prepare for adventure! Team meeting that evening to review details of conference.

 Thursday, August 2, 2012 – Some time for sight-seeing in Kyiv, followed by finishing up details on our presentations or on committees to serve conference participants. Visit an orphanage in Kyiv, with option to visit Baby House in Vorzel (45 Km outside of Kyiv) or to visit Level Four orphanage in Znamenka (all day trip by train).

 Friday, August 3, 2012 – Final preparations for Conference -- go to Conference Hall and set up for Friday evening presentations.

 Saturday, August 4, 2012 – Full day of presentations at Conference Hall, closing ceremony and press/tv interviews. Relax with team dinner, sleep!!

 Sunday, August 5, 2012 – attend service at Almaz Church, sight-seeing in Kyiv, farewell party at night.

 Monday, August 6, 2012 – Fly back to US!

Please review the attached copy of our Conference Program from 2011 for an idea of the times, topics, and format of this year’s Conference. The main difference is we will be presenting on two tracks simultaneously – therapeutic and educational – with the same number of break-outs and presentations as before, or perhaps a few more. All presenters will need to discuss topics with me as soon as possible and also make sure they have their passports and send me a copy of their Curriculum Vitae or resume.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I will be joining Jane and Dave Daulton, and Sasha and Olya Skripak from Almaz Church on a Mission trip to serve the orphans and children with special needs and spread EARLY INTERVENTION TECHNIQUES throughout the UKRAINE. Please contact us for more information how you7 can join us or help with our efforts!.

Summer 2012 Ukraine Short Term Mission Projects and Second Annual Conference on the Needs of Children with Disabilities

Dear Friends of Ukraine’s Orphans:

Hello! We are an orphan’s ministry called Father’s Heart, and we have been working with orphans and adoptions in Ukraine since 1999. God has placed these beautiful children – and this beautiful and historic country – on our hearts, and we have been over there to work with the orphans more than 20 times, focusing primarily on the orphans with special needs. We have even personally adopted 3 children with Down Syndrome from Ukraine, and continue to promote the adoption of these very "special" children whenever possible.

It is time once again to share our plans for our summer mission trip and conference. We are eager to build a strong and multi-faceted team for this upcoming trip in July. We will be building two teams this year: one team to go to the orphanages and work with the children from July 20
th through August 1st, and one team to set up workshops and present materials and training as part of our Second Annual Conference on the Needs of Children with Disabilities in Kyiv from August 1st to August 6th. Some of you may opt to join both teams and stay for the entire 16 days.

Following this letter are the specific details about each of the team’s schedules, costs, and goals. In general, the first team will be working with children at 4 different orphanages, building a playground at an orphanage, and visiting a newly developed therapy center for children with disabilities. We will be working with children at orphanages which primarily house children with disabilities, at 1 "Baby House" with children aged 1 to 4, as well as at 3 "Boarding School" Level Four orphanages which house older children from age 5 to 18.

The second team will be focusing on presenting, through power point and actual hands-on demonstrations, techniques for helping children with disabilities become more independent and achieve higher levels of functioning in society. Our target audience will be

parents, orphanage workers, and professionals from the health care and educational fields. We will have two tracks this year, one for therapy and one for education.

If you choose to join one or both of our teams, we will make all the travel and housing arrangements and help you with fund-raising training and ideas. Some scholarships may be available as funding permits. If you are seriously considering joining us this summer, it is important that you make your commitment as soon as possible to make sure we can get you the best rates for international airfare and to preserve your housing, as well as to include you in our marketing plan for the Conference.

Please review the following materials for more details about the two teams, and feel free to call me or e-mail if you have any questions or want further information. We are eager to return to Ukraine once again and serve our God by serving "the Least of These." We welcome you to a fun and exciting experience which will open your eyes to a new and broader reality, and undoubtedly change your life forever! Please pray about this opportunity, and if God speaks to your heart about working with orphans, get in touch with us right away!!

Love and Blessings,

Dave and Janie Daulton

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have you scheduled your short mission trip for 2012? - Almaz church projects

Have you scheduled your short mission trip for 2012? - Almaz church projects
“We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” -- David Platt

Monday, January 23, 2012


It looks like I can't stay away and will be heading back to the Ukraine this summer! But this time it will have to be at the end of July, beginning of August due to the Euro open in June!! We are planning to present the Second International Conference on Children with Disabilities and minister to the orphans, train orphanage careworkers and support families and professionals working with the children who remain home! There are so many needs and we have had so many requests for help that we will be spreading ourselves thin. We are looking for people, both professionals and n whoonprofessionals who want to help share their expertise and make a difference! And of course we will need funding to support this effort so please follow this blog for fundraising opportunities. I am looking for individuals and families to support our effort by doing your own fundraising for us. It would be an opportunity for you get involved and help the children, even if you can't join us! Please check this blog frequently for updates!