Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Lost Boys of Romaniv

Back in the soviet times, those who were 'mentally defective' were hidden from view. We traveled to one such orphanage, a Level 4 in Romaniv. After traveling down a single lane road for miles, we came to a stop in front of cement walls. Behind those walls were 80 boys ages 6 on up who were deemed untrainable. 13 Years ago the boys were dying at the rate of 12+ per year. They had no oil for heat, or hot water. The buildings were dark and stank. A new director took over, Nickolaychuk Vasily who knew he had to first create a safe and healthy environment for the boys in order for them to live. He built a state of the art sanitation facility for bathing and laundry. He created a new kitchen where they make their own bread and noodles, and a dining hall for the boys to eat at tables. Now he is creating a large day center and hopes to add an indoor gym with exercise equipment and an activity center. Meanwhile, the boys spend all the time outdoor, in a large fenced in basketball court with a few balls and staff to keep them safe. He is not proud of this but has no other options at this time. The director  invited us to Romaniv through Oksana Shulyak from a Mission to Ukraine after checking up on our credibilty  and speaking with Pastor Sasha from Almaz Church. Oksana had attended our conference in January and was anxious to have us consult there. How could we not??! The pictures in my Montage will speak for itself. These boys have had no education and the director would like our assistance setting up a sensory room and an 'intervention program'. These boys need so much more too. Our team is planning on returning and bringing playground and gym equipment, a dental team, and, I will be doing staff training and helping to set up an educational program. We are looking for people to join us! No experience is necessary but some educational experince would be a bonus! Please contact me on Facebook at Sandie Flannery for more information or go to for more ways to help. Our Mission needs your prayers and is in need of finacial assistance. WOULD YOU PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING? To start, 5 of the boys are in need of helmets to help prevent injury from self abuse.. I will include a list of more supplies in a later blog.

Our Team travels to Romaniv

Friday, July 15, 2011

Vanya having a good old time!

Please help the Earlywine's bring little Kasey home. Even though he's having fun with a favorite careworker, nothing beats a mom and dad and siblings!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Presidential order expected to allow SDA to continue processing adoptions in Ukraine

"On July 8, 2011, the president of Ukraine signed an order which extends the State Department on Adoption’s (SDA's) authority to process adoptions. We have been informed by the SDA that the order will not take effect until the order is published, likely within a few days. The SDA currently is not accepting adoption applications. According to the order, the SDA will have the authority to continue processing adoptions until the Ministry of Social policy is ready to take over as the new adoption authority in Ukraine. The Ministry does not yet know when they will be prepared to take over adoption processing.

We will continue to ask the Ukrainian government to resume adoptions as quickly as possible. We will also continue to encourage the Ministry of Social Policy to protect adoptions where U.S. prospective adoptive parents have already been approved by the SDA to adopt a particular child.

According to the SDA, there are approximately 139 U.S. families registered with the SDA, some of them already in-country. We will be following new developments closely to understand how they will affect the families currently in process and will be posting relevant updates. In that respect, we recommend that all American families that are currently in Ukraine or have appointments with SDA during the next few weeks send their contact information to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine's Adoption Unit at:
Families should contact their local adoption service provider for further updates and details

Thanks to Hospitality in Kiev for the above information!

The most difficult moment in my life - Almaz church projects

The most difficult moment in my life - Almaz church projects

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First class at Vorzel for Masha and Bogdon

I know so many of you worry about the little ones left behind and I do too. But I am so happy to announce that things are changing at Vorzel, slowly but positvely. Having met with Olga, the head teacher for the past two years, I was so happy to hear that she is finally using some of the techniques and strategies I have been sharing with her, to enhance the overall langauge and cognitive development of the children with Down Syndrome!!One of my last days there, Masha and Bogdon had their first lesson by Tatiana, the teacher in Groupa 5, who was directed by Olga to use gestures!  Yes, they used some SIGN LANGUAGE with them and were shocked when they not only understood but imitated them as well!! I was so excited that she 'got it' finally and saw it working! She intends to continue using 'gestures' to help the children communicate!!I'm so excited! We've decided that when we return in November for the 2nd Conference I will present at Vorzel as well! How wonderful that not only are the doors open, but their minds as well!